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Cardinal Cycles

It is the Keys to the Cardinal Cycles of Life that lead us to alignment. Alignment is what leads us to balance that we may bring true Peace into our lives. When we experience the coldness of Winter, it is our alignment with the warmth of Summer that leads us to feel more comfortable.

Cardinal SeasonsIn the Spring as the plants begin to grow, it is knowing that we will be fed through the harvest of Autumn that provides us with strength and fulfilment.

It is twelve that is the Cardinal Number as there are twelve months in a year and twelve hours in a day and night. Twelve is a vital life cycle and regardless of the time of year, the time of day or the time of life, we are confronting a part of the Cycle of Life in each of the four Quadrants.

We are a vital element in the Cycle of Life and regardless of where we are in the cycle, we always have the opportunity for restoration, revitalization and renewal, through alignment. While like the earth, our bodies are around us, life itself is the spirit within us, within the heart of our soul.

The Key to the Cardinal Cycle of Alignment is to open our mind to the Light of the Spirit to receive true Insight within our thoughts. And as we open our Feelings to the heart of our Soul we will receive the true E-Motions of life, Love, Peace and Joy.
      Cardinal Anignments

So you can find the answers to your Questions, by using the Keys of alignment through the four Quadrants in the layout of the Cardinal Cards.

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