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Cardinal E-Motions

Cardinal LossAfter experiencing a Cardinal Loss, it is understandable that we relate what is missing in our lives to, what can no longer be seen in life. What we lose therefore, is perceived as residing in the unknown darkness of the mind. A mental emotion perceived as dark and frightening.

Just as we are born from the darkness of the womb, so emotions are born from the darkness of the mind. As the mind can only be confident in what it sees and believes, all that resides in darkness is considered unidentifiable and unknown. Such is the essence of FEAR, which emotes the eight cardinal conditions: Sadness and Loneliness, Shock and Denial, Anger and Distress, Pain and Guilt.

To begin crossing beyond such frightening conditions, we must identify the condition we may presently be in. Next, by finding the Cardinal Quadrant, we also can find the answer to help transform the condition by focusing on the healing aspects of the words reflected from the light of the sun contained in the Quadrants of Cardinal Healing.

Cardinal E-Motions

The Cardinal E-Motions are Grief, Fear, Anger, and Guilt. Though reading and feeling the inspirational Healing and Insight contained in the Cardinal Cards we can transform the shadows of our Energetic Motions into the light of our true E-Motions, Love, Peace, Hope, and Joy.

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