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Cardinal Healing

Cardinal LossCardinal Healing is all about transforming E-motional darkness into the true light of life, the spiritual power of God. The higher E-motions are the pathways to enlighten the shadows and transform the darkened part of our lives into the Spiritual Light of the Loving Peace of Joy in life.

To begin crossing beyond such frightening emotional conditions, we must identify the condition we may presently be in. Next, by finding the Cardinal Quadrant, we also can find the answer to help transform the condition by focusing on the Healing aspects of the words reflected from the light of the sun contained in the Quadrants of Cardinal Healing.

Cardinal Healing

For example, we may begin with a Cardinal Loss that leads us to Sadness and Loneliness, the shadows of Greif. And so, we must Align ourselves with Love, that we may begin to turn Sadness into Gladness.

In order to overcome Shock and Denial, located in the 2nd Quadrant, we must begin to Awaken. When we begin to open ourselves to who we truly are, we begin to move on through Faith and trust, to what truly is in life.

Coping with Anger and Distress requires the Acceptance of all that Truly is. As Anger is the shadow of Peace, created in our minds through dark thoughts, judgments, and expectations; accepting the true energy of the motion, the Light of Peace will shine through the screen of Anger.

In order to pass through Guilt and Pain, one must Ascend, rise above the pain and darkness of fearful emotions in order to re-generate, and begin a healthy new life. As we begin to feel Hope and Enjoy Inner Forgiveness, we will begin to rise up to all that is Good, true Peace, Joy, and Appreciation of Life.

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