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What is a Cardinal Loss?

Cardinal LossSadly, we all know what loss is. In one form or another, loss is something we all encounter in life. Be it a job, a friend, a lover, or a treasured object, loss itself is a universal human experience. What distinguishes a Cardinal Loss from an ordinary loss, however, is the significance of the loss.

If we lose our watch or piece of jewelry, we may be upset, but “things” can always be replaced. Even if we lose our job, car, or home, it’s still conceivable that we can get a new one. Perhaps even bigger and better than the one we lost. However, what we refer to as a Cardinal Loss pertains to something vital, something that is primary in our life.

As the word itself “Cardinal” refers to the
highest, most important thing in our lives, the most important Cardinal Element in lifeā€¦ is Life itself. Without life, even the consideration of loss would not exist for us. As death is a loss of a life--a human form of life, something that for us cannot be restored or replaced--the loss of a loved one is a true Cardinal Loss.

When we have loved what we lost, and our love falters under the shadow of what we think we feel, we need to heal. It is Cardinal Insight that will lead us to healing. Through the Cardinal Light of Healing and Awareness, we are able to raise the darkness of our lower e-motions, which begin with Fear, up to the light of their higher form of true existence, Love. By awakening ourselves to feel the true Energy of Love in our hearts, we will gain our Cardinal Healing Insight, and discover the truth of who, what, when, and where we are, along with All That Truly Is.

Be it a person, place, or thing that we lose in life, the energetic manifestation of what we truly feel in our hearts--our true E-Motions-- remains forever within. The truth is, when we experience a Cardinal Loss, it also opens the opportunity for us to grow and turn Loss into a Cardinal Gain. Fortunately, the Cardinal Gain is directly proportional to the Cardinal Loss. It may be hard to conceive of, especially in our times of loss, but the very depth of our pain may well be the very measure of the heights of our gain and growth.

In our Loving Universe, there is no such thing as loss: Nothing is ever “lost” because every event or change becomes a Transformation.

Fortunately, the true Cardinal Healing Insight in life is a part of us all. The good news is that after experiencing the depths of a Cardinal Loss in life, we are all truly blessed to be led to a Loving Spiritual Elevation in life.

May you be Blessed Always, with Cardinal Love, Hope & Cheer.
Cardinal~ Your Cardinal Messenger

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